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New Beta databases for Microsoft Access avaliable for testing.

These come in two flavours

Business - Contactdb - to access this database use these:

user name david - pasword 3313


Home - Addressbook - No password required

please let me know what you think of them - help file is in the process of being written. email is


New and exclusive - this software has stopped development and you can't buy it though it is still worth a look as its far better than any free filemanager. I offer full version as is with no limits what so ever.



Splash Computing is a new company dedicated to bring you an online/offline database of dinghies avaliable from around the world.

*Please email me your views on Motorised craft. We need a license for these craft and we need it now .
Would you let someone on the road without a license, no. Then why do we do it for motorised craft. They are just as powerfull, and even more dangerous at times in an untrained hand.
The more emails and views i have I can go to the goverment for legislation, with the peoples help.


Your Views Count

Dinghy Database
and its role

UK television viewers will be familiar with the BBC's sport's coverage of sailing. But do they know that there is more than one type of boat around. This site hopes to aid you in choosing the right boat for you.


Comet results from Chipstead Sailing Club 2007 using the low points scoring system


Fix for High Points Scoring Systems





Dinghies for sale


Offline Version



History / Blog in pdf



Coming soon!
Sailing Quizes


Stolen Boats section


This is the low points scoring system. Comet Results 2007



As you know at present High Points Scoring has a major bug that means it includes the DNC in the final caculation. This can produce problems not least with non qualifiers beating qualifiers in a series.

Here is the High Points Fix

I will publish which clubs apply the fix as and when they let me know .


You can now advertise your boat on this site. Get a wider audience and sell your boat faster. Dinghies for sale



All users of Dinghy Database can now download an offline version to the database. This can be mounted on cover disks or distributed freely as long as you mention this site. This software is shareware. Go to the Downloads


All users of Dinghy Database can now download a History / Blog file in pdf , telling you about development of the database.
Go to the Downloads


Offline quizes to test your sailing knowledge. In alpha testing at present, will be avaliable shortly.


With permission of stolen boats web site you can now access directly from within my site theirs. If emailing them please mention this site. Stolen Boats


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Dinghy Database is published by Splash Computing.

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